An architecture internship is very much an essential for architecture studies. Typically, architecture students are engaged by an architecture firm, trained, and receive practical experience in both commercial architecture and the architecture business from the internship provider.

In most cases, architecture internships are directly related to the academic requirements of architectural studies. In some cases, architecture internships may relate to specialized areas of architecture, advanced architecture, or CAD-type architectural technologies.

Architecture internships are also particularly valuable experience in business terms. Architecture students learn the realities of doing business in their profession. In some cases, students participate directly in architecture business administration and commercial operations as well.

Internships in architecture are invariably well structured. This is a profession which sets extremely high standards, and student architects are overseen by experts. Most architecture students benefit greatly from this experience, and appreciate learning their trade systematically and thoroughly.

Choosing an architecture internship

You should be aware from the outset that getting an internship in architecture isn’t necessarily easy. Internships are provided on a competitive basis, and it goes without saying that providers definitely prefer superior students. This is a demanding process, and you will need to be well prepared when searching for your internship.

Best practice for architecture students is to allow sufficient time to research available internships and get information from providers. It’s a good idea to interview the provider directly, and to evaluate the work environment while assessing the merits of the internship.

Top level architectural firms offer excellent opportunities for aspiring architecture students. These internships are very much in demand, and look extremely good on a resume. That said, obviously, only so many people actually get these internships.

It’s a good idea to have a shortlist of preferred internships. Much like applying to go to college, you have first choice, followed by others in order of preference.

Useful tip – Focus on getting the best training available. Good training in architecture is infinitely more valuable than “a nice office”.  Setting high standards means you will find the best internships available.

Other considerations include:

  • Pay – Internships pay on a different scale to normal employment wages. Some pay well, but you need to have a clear understanding of any possible budget issues in relation to each internship scenario on your shortlist.
  • Workplace environment – Some places are definitely better to work at than others. Your first preference may be a virtual paradise, but other choices might not be so appealing.
  • Quality of training – Training quality varies depending on internship providers. While in general architecture internships have a well-deserved reputation for training quality, it’s a good idea to check out internship providers with other practicing architects. If an internship provider has a good professional reputation, you can assume that they have earned that reputation from their highly demanding peers.

Architectural scholarships and internships

If you’re looking for a useful advantage in your architectural training, there are many architectural scholarships which include integrated internships. This type of scholarship is actually quite common, but usually overlooked in the marketplace. Scholarships are available throughout the United States, and you can research these options through local colleges as well.