A biology internship or internship computer science is very much part of a career in biology. This gigantic science and its many specialties is a goldmine of opportunities for internships. Many internships are academically essential, delivering valuable experience, practical knowledge and useful insights into different facets of the science.

When looking for an internship in biology or chemistry internship, in fact, your main problem is going to be the sheer number of possible selections. Except at entry level, there are very few “generic” internships. Many biology internships are in fact designed for postgraduate students, specialists, or in specific areas of biology like a marine biology internship.

Researching biology internships

You will first need to research appropriate internships, and then make a selection from the internships available online. This can be rather more difficult than it might look.

A few pointers at this stage:

  • Don’t wait until the last minute to apply for an internship. Allow yourself enough time to search available internships and make a good, productive choice which meets your needs.
  • Learn how to search for the internship you want. Searching for a biology internships can be a quite irritating process, because searching the generic term “biology internship” can be like searching for “Accountant” or “engineer”. You need to search for your internship using qualifying terms like a specialty, subject matter, area of research, etc.
  • Be thorough when researching your internship options. Having selected a few internships, you will need to contact the providers and ask for specific details.
  • Bear in mind that selecting interns is a particularly competitive process. The more information you can get about the internships, specific requirements of the providers, and related matters, the better.

Evaluating internships

Contacting the providers is also useful in defining and evaluating the realities of a particular internship:

Make sure you fully understand the nature of the internship. There was a famous case recently of an internship for a postgraduate student, which included “managing lab budgets and stock” and “keeping the laboratory clean”. This meant doing administration, warehousing and janitorial duties, as well as research work. These are the things you really do need to know, when assessing an internship.

Another issue you need to consider is payment. Some internships pay very well, but some don’t. A six-month or longer internship with no pay can put a major hole in your budget and your social life. You need to know what to expect and plan accordingly. (You really do have to wonder whether those people who are so nostalgic about the good old days of being a broke student have ever had a clue.)

Getting help when the applying for biology internships

The really good news for biology interns is that you have chosen a profession which is full of specialists and academic experts. Your friendly local specialists will be able to give you chapter and verse and useful tips regarding everything you need to know about different types of internships. Pay attention to this advice, because it is particularly valuable.

Combination biology internships and scholarships

Other very handy options are biology scholarships which include an internship component. These scholarships also provide funding, and well integrated internships which are directly geared to your training.