Writing an internship cover letter can be a surprisingly difficult experience, particularly when you have never written a cover letter before. Even a summer internship cover letter can seem like a major ordeal.

Don’t get discouraged! Everybody has this experience at some time or other. Simply focus on the job in hand, and research your requirements.

Internship cover letter basic issues

Many people worry about writing an internship cover letter with no experience.

Think of it this way

Of course, you don’t have experience! That’s why you want to do the internship, remember?

At entry level, you’re not expected to have much experience. You are, however, are expected to have the required skills, training and aptitude to do the work involved in the internship.

That’s what your cover letter is going to be about.

A bit of reassurance at this point

Remember also that you’re going to be working with professionals in your chosen field. They were interns, too, once, and they know exactly what you’re going through.

Writing your internship cover letter

There is no such thing as a formal internship cover letter format. There is, however, sitting in front of you, in the form of the internship advertisement, a list of requirements which you must address in your cover letter.

You must also provide all the necessary information regarding your skills and training, clearly laid out. Quality of information really matters, when writing your cover letter, so be meticulous about this process. Besides, you may know more about internship essay examples by visiting our site.

A few basic pointers:

  • Do not rehash information from your resume. It’s unnecessary, it wastes space, and it can be quite counter-productive. Rehashing simply tells internship providers that you don’t know how to write a letter.
  • Explain why you want the internship. This is absolutely critical. This information is used specifically to compare candidates. A motivated internship candidate is obviously much more valuable to the internship provider than somebody who can’t even explain why they want to do the internship.
  • Provide additional information regarding your areas of interest related to the internship. This is another competitive approach, but it’s also highly relevant to the internship provider. If you have additional skills, interests, or other professional assets, you are a better candidate.
  • Explain how the internship fits in with your career goals, qualifications, and related training. This information is useful for the internship provider and also acts as a quality control when selecting candidates.

Writing style

Strictly speaking, your cover letter should be written in much the same style as a business letter:

  • Use straightforward sentences, and stay on topic.
  • Don’t allow your letter to turn into a lengthy document which simply says “I want the job”.
  • Spell out your particular areas of interest clearly. Don’t assume that the internship provider will consider you a great candidate unless you can prove that you are a great candidate.

You don’t have to write a long letter. Doesn’t make it a good letter, so what you mean, and make it clear that you are a sincerely interested, motivated candidate.