If you’re looking at starting an internship in culinary arts or architecture internship, be prepared for a truly fascinating, fun, and very busy experience. Forget Master Chef and everything you’ve seen on TV, this is the real thing. You will be working with experts, and learning something just about every second.

A culinary internship involves practical experience in the most literal sense of the expression. It’s only when you see how expert chefs work in a commercial environment that you understand how important chefs really are.

The most over the top TV show doesn’t even begin to do justice to the work of culinary professionals. Top chefs aren’t drama queens posing for the cameras. They’re in almost constant motion, keeping an eye on everything, and, as you will soon discover, setting very high standards. These are the skills which you’re about to learn. In addition, you may find more information about internship for law students by visiting our site.

Finding the right internship

Depending on your areas of study and interest, choosing a culinary internship can be quite difficult. There is a range of choices, obviously, but the question is really which is the best for you?

When searching online for a culinary internship, it’s advisable to use areas of specialist training and academic requirements as basic search terms. You will need a shortlist of about five preferred internships, including your favorite choice and backups.

Choosing a culinary internship – Quality standards

The next issue when choosing a culinary internship is to make sure that your internship delivers the type and quality of training you require. There are a lot of different culinary internships, often relating to specialist skills. There are also many different working environments for these internships, including different types of restaurants, from quick service restaurants to table service and specialist bakery and pastry cafes.

A good example of the range of choices available is the famous Disney culinary internship program. This is the benchmark US standard for a culinary arts internship. Disney internships are pretty impressive, even offering accommodation and providing weather safety information about hurricanes in Florida and earthquakes in California!

Not all culinary internships can match that standard, but the best culinary internships do offer pretty high quality environments for interns. The best way to find a good internship is to contact internship providers, and visit the premises where you’ll be working.

It’s well worth talking to the internship providers, because you will get a lot of useful information. Like all professionals, your internship providers will be able to give you lots of helpful pointers and answer all your questions.

You’ll also see something you’ll never see on TV – A very highly efficient operation at work. Professional chefs physically run their operations. They are the heart of productivity in their businesses.

You’ll note the extreme cleanliness of the workplace and fast-moving kitchen dynamics, in combination with seamless preparation and cooking operations. You can learn more from one day in a culinary internship than you can learn from an entire season of Reality TV.

Scholarships and culinary internships

There are many culinary scholarships available, some of which include built-in internships. If you’re just starting out in the culinary profession, these scholarships are particularly good way of funding your training and fast tracking your internship opportunities. Check out your local, state, and national scholarship options.