If you look at the different internship essay examples or internship cover letter format available online, you can be forgiven for getting more than a bit confused. Now the good news – An internship essay, whether it’s your application essay or your post-internship essay, is really quite straightforward.

A word of advice before we start 

  • Good internships are extremely high value career opportunities. Your internship can provide you with an entire suite of useful skills, experience, and credentials.
  • So – Don’t get lazy when writing your internship essays. Make sure that your essay delivers a very strong message about your genuine interest and enthusiasm.

Internship application essay writing – Content values

Ask yourself this – What is an internship application essay supposed to do?

Your internship essay is a functional part of your application. The idea of the essay is to allow you to provide more information about your application, and explain your interest in the position. It really is that simple.

A good internship essay example will focus on these very basic requirements. Your internship application essay should deliver useful information to the internship provider regarding your interest in the position.

Your essay should include:

  • A clear statement of your reasons for applying for the internship.
  • Areas of specific interest in the internship.
  • Additional information regarding your skills, areas of expertise, and in particular areas of academic or other practical value.

Consider also:

  • Internship essays are used to evaluate applications. The information you provide in your essay will be evaluated according to the criteria for selecting applicants.
  • Your application will also be compared with other applicants, on a merit basis.
  • You need to make sure that your internship essay is a good essay. It should be worth reading, interesting, and an accurate statement of your interest in the position.
  • Remember that your resume will be read by professionals and experts in your chosen field.

Post-internship essay writing

Your post internship essay is an evaluation of your internship. This essay is just as important as your application essay. For academic purposes, your post-internship essay is part of the curriculum. For the internship provider, it’s a critical review, with a range of values.

This is a functional documentation of your internship. You need to focus on the value of the internship, skills, experience, and related issues like knowledge base-related learning, theory, research operations skills, etc.

You can check out internship essay samples online, and see for yourself the varying standards of post-internship essays. You will notice that some of these essays are very good, very easy to read, and easy to understand. You will also notice that some essays are the exact opposite.

In any form of informational writing, clarity is the major issue.

When writing your post-internship essay, focus on delivering clear information.

You should also be aware that post-internship essays are not “regurgitation” exercises. Your information is valuable to the internship provider, and is also relevant to your academic needs.

Describe your experience, describe the internship environment, and describe the mentoring process. If necessary, separate your essay into headings for the sake of readability.

Internship essays really aren’t hard to write. Focus on the practical issues, and you’ll write a great essay.