A marketing internship is very much part of modern marketing. The marketing profession has evolved enormously in recent years, taking in new disciplines, new techniques, and new media. There is a very diverse range of marketing internships available, and you will need to be thoughtful about your options. For the purposes of this article, we’re talking mainly about entry level internships, but bear in mind there are many choices available.

When searching for an internship in marketing or internship for journalism, your internship may relate to a range of academic qualifications. For example, marketing is naturally an integral part of most business, media, and advertising-related qualifications. There is a natural degree of specialization involved in marketing, depending on professional and industry requirements.

Searching for marketing internships

When searching for an internship for marketing students anywhere in the US, you’ll find that there are many internships offered by industry leaders. Sony, Nike, and many others are good examples of top of the range marketing internships. Use these internships as your guides for comparison and quality standards when selecting marketing internships.

You’ll also find that there is a truly bewildering range of other marketing internships available. You need to clearly define your internship needs, particularly in relation to academic requirements.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to talk to your teacher first regarding specific internship values and criteria. You can waste a lot of time wading through internet searches looking for good internships, and you certainly don’t need to waste more time applying for the wrong ones.

Marketing professionals are also a very good source of information regarding internships. As you will learn later in your marketing career, inside knowledge and expertise are always valuable, and can often provide you with information you simply wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere.

Applying for marketing internships

Create a short list of your preferences. You should apply for corporate marketing internships on principle, because these internships are always excellent, and will look good on your resume.

As with any internship, it’s a very good idea to contact internship providers directly for information regarding their marketing internships. The providers will be able to give you detailed information regarding application requirements, and more information about the work role(s) involved in specific internships.

Critically important – Make sure that your application contains all the required information, and matches all essential criteria. One of the classic mistakes many applicants make is to simply leave out information, which usually means their applications don’t even pass primary screening.

If you’re not sure what information is required, or whether your current skills and qualifications are acceptable, ask the provider! Make sure that you’re clear about exactly what the internship provider requires.

Scholarships and marketing internships

Marketing scholarships often include internships as a natural part of their structures. These scholarships are available nationally and at state level. It is advisable to contact your local colleges and search online for these scholarships, particularly in the planning stages of your career, where they can provide funding and excellent academic options. Besides, you may know more about internship hospitality management on our site.