When you’re looking for an internship for journalism or television internship, you may find that you have more choices than you need. At academic level, the requirements for journalism internships are pretty well-defined, but the range of choices can come as quite a surprise.

Journalism internships come in a very wide range of assorted options. Basic journalism internships are offered by major news media, notably including Thomson Reuters and Fox, but also include a range of “related” internships, which may include social media, sports journalism, and other options.

An internship in journalism is now a must-have, expected entry on your resume. Experience in working in organizational environments is particularly important, and areas of specialization also need to be considered when researching these internships.

It’s a good idea to research your internship possibilities thoroughly. There are some excellent journalism internships available, and they can help give your career a good starter charge, particularly at entry level. Besides, you may know more about internship hospitality management on our site.

Searching for journalism internships

Before we start

Please note that the use of the expression “journalism internship” as a search term will give you anything and everything as a search result, in one large, disorderly mess. If you’re looking for specific types of journalism, it’s best to use qualifying search terms.

The best approach to searching for journalism internships is to search internship providers. It’s a good idea to search the big news companies with national and regional offices first.

These internships are the cream of the crop, and are very useful guides to top quality, industry standard internships. You can use these internships to compare with other possibilities, and you’ll soon learn to recognise good internships on sight and discard others.

Searching by location is also another good option. There are internships available nationally and in every state, so you will definitely be able to find at least a few local internships.

Choosing your journalism internships

When it comes to selecting journalism internships, you are strongly advised to be highly selective. Be patient when making your choices, and try to find the very best journalism internships available. It will be worth it.

After searching, you should have a shortlist of preferred internships. It’s a good idea to contact the internship providers, and make absolutely sure that you meet all the essential criteria. You can also ask about the work involved in the internships.

If you’re doing this internship as a part of an academic qualification, double-check with your teacher that your choice of internship is appropriate. Your teacher may also be able to provide you with suggestions regarding choice of internship.

Applying for journalism internships

When applying for your internship, make absolutely certain that you provide all the information required by the internship provider. If you don’t, your application will almost certainly be discarded, because it won’t get through screening.

Scholarships and journalism internships

Many media scholarships include a range of options for internships. These scholarships are particularly useful in journalism, because you may need to do more than one internship in the course of attaining your qualification. Scholarships are available at state level and locally, so investigate your options.