A “music internship” can be an actual musical internship for musicians, or an industry internship, related to the business side of  music industry. You can get music internships in a very wide variety of areas, and these internships are very useful, in fact necessary, for modern musicians as well as industry people.

For example:

A musician may want to do an internship in production, sound engineering, and recording. For modern musicians, these types of internships are particularly valuable, giving hands-on experience in the latest studio recording techniques, software, and sound editing packages.

Internships like these provide nuts and bolts practical knowledge, and exposure to new technologies. Production internships are also extremely useful for professional composers and orchestras, notably for live recordings and symphonic recordings.

Searching for your music internship

Basic search criteria for music internships need to be role-specific:

  • When searching for a music internship or internship for journalism, focus on particular roles and your academic needs. Use search terms related to music production, sound engineering, types of music, etc.
  • For business purposes, an internship in the music industry should be defined in business terms, like a publicity internship, distribution internship, PR, etc.
  • Check out the corporate music internships in particular. These are the top of the line internships, and cover all different types of internships. You can use these internships as your quality controls when selecting your preferred internships.
  • Be patient, but be thorough, when evaluating internships. You may find a music internship which offers very high values relevant to your current and future career needs. If you’re considering a higher degree of education or qualifications, pay close attention to the more advanced internships.

Choosing your internship

If you’re doing an arts, media or business course, you should consult your teacher regarding your internship choices. You’ll find that your teacher and media professionals can give you valuable tips regarding your internship choices.

If you’re doing a music internship at a professional level, or for a summer internship, feel free to choose the internship(s) that appeal to you. You’ll enjoy it, and you’ll have the chance to explore new territory in your career.

Important- It’s a good idea to apply for a corporate internship, if you meet the criteria. These internships really are top of class, and you’ll be working with the top of the market business and technology standards, too.

Applying for a music internship

If you’re not sure about internship application requirements, ask the provider. Music internships are notoriously competitive, they receive large numbers of applicants, and the number of people accepted is relatively small. When applying for an internship, you need to make sure that your application ticks all the boxes.

Music scholarships and internships

If you’re looking at doing music, media, or business studies, or internship in marketing, you’ll be interested to hear that many scholarships in these fields also offer internships. These are called “crossover” studies, in which you can tailor your internship to meet your career needs.

You can do a degree in business, with media management, for exam

ple, involving a music industry business internship. You could do a music degree, and do a music production internship. Use your imagination, when considering your music internship options.