An internship in photography is a truly important part of basic training for photographers. Whether you’re a DSLR virtuoso, a video renegade or a basic snapper, this training is critically vital to working with modern photographic equipment and the photographic industry markets.

The sudden market interest in the value of a photography internship is no coincidence. The days when you could simply wing it as a photographer are long gone. To get the best out of your equipment and to get the best commercial value for your photography, you need to be well-trained.

Even if you’re a new Man Ray, you still need to do a photography internship in the modern media environment. It’s also no accident that photography is now an essential study in all media. Any professional photographer will tell you that quality is the name of the game, and that you really do have to know your stuff to succeed. Moreover, you may learn more about internship in marketing on our site.

Searching your photography internship

A tip- The search term “photography internship”  or  “music internship” will get you more results than you want, unless you’re really searching for a basic internship.

If you’re looking for specific types of internship related to things like video photography, media production, or more advanced types of internship, you need to use clearly defined, identifying search terms. If you’re having trouble, try simple combinations of basic keywords and see which deliver the most relevant results.

You’ll see a truly vast range of photography internships. You’ll also see very useful internships in specialized areas, like fashion photography, sports photography, etc. These specialized search terms are very useful, and will refine your search results for you.

You can also search media corporations directly for their photography internships. These are high end internships, look good on your resume, and are excellent benchmarks for internship standards.

For academic purposes- Talk to your teacher about internship requirements, and you’ll get a lot of useful information, including possible leads to good internships.

(Note: It’s also a good idea to talk to professional photographers and former about internships. They’ll give you a clear idea of the quality of training, and what to expect from particular internships.)

Applying for photography internships

After searching, you should have a good selection of top quality internships from which to choose. The next stage is to contact the providers and decide which are the best options. This is the time to ask them about any application requirements and make sure your application meets their essential criteria.

You can also ask them about things like paid internships, types of work, and get a lot of useful information which will help you decide whether to apply or not.  This process can save you a lot of time, effort, and frustration.

Scholarships and photography internships

Scholarships may offer you some great options for internships. Many media scholarships incorporate built-in internships, which are integrated with degree courses. Arts scholarships, too, may naturally include internships with college partners. (This includes fine arts, where advanced digital photography plays an important role in restoration, for example.) Scholarships are available at state and national level, so explore the possibilities.