A hospitality internship is an essential part of working in the hospitality industry. These internships teach core skills, and provide extremely valuable experience. This huge, diverse industry contains a very wide range of different types of employment, and internships are the best way to develop your skills, knowledge base, and expertise. Besides, you may know more about television internship on our site.

Hospitality internship programs include management and various programs involving a wide range of different hospitality facilities. It should be noted at this point that working in the hospitality industry invariably involves a degree of specialization, usually related to working in a particular sector like hotels or tourism, for example.

Finding your hospitality internship

When searching for your hospitality internship, remember that you need to define the specific sector of the industry as well as the internship role.

The different types of internships in the hospitality industry can be more than a little confusing. These internships include:

  • Restaurant – Includes operational roles and management
  • Culinary – Includes chef training
  • Front Office – Includes client relations, customer service, bookings, and much more
  • Administration – A very large number of different types of internships
  • Management programs – Different roles depending on industry sector
  • Hotels – Multiple internship roles
  • Broad-based entry level internship programs – A bit of everything
  • Professional internship programs – Advanced internships for business professionals and specialists
  • Tourism-related internship programs – A huge range of options

This list is just a sample. When searching for internships, use expressions like these in your search terms, for example, “restaurant internship” or “chef internship”. Try to avoid using generic terms as much as possible, and focus on industry role-specific search terms.

The good news for those seeking hospitality internship programs is that there is a truly gigantic range of resources available. Leading hospitality industry corporations, notably Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, offer internships, for example, and there are many other dedicated industry sites which provide information regarding internship availability.

Choosing your hospitality internship

The best approach to choosing a hospitality internship is to compare opportunities. If you look at the internship programs offered by leading corporations, you will see good examples of high quality internships.

You can use these internships as a quality control on your choice of internship program. Industry leaders offer well-structured internships, including one-on-one training, mentoring, and good skills development opportunities are the best choices.

It’s a good idea to go for at least one of the top corporate internships, which can be excellent job-getting assets on your resume, particularly at entry level. You can contact the internship provider and request information, as well as getting useful advice regarding application requirements.

Please note that these internships are awarded on a competitive basis. Make sure that your application contains all the required information, and meets all the essential criteria of the position. Applications which do not contain required information will be discarded.

Scholarships and hospitality internships opportunities

For those seeking to enter the hospitality industry, scholarships are particularly good option. Many scholarships include very well structured training programs with pre-designated internships. These scholarships are available in most states, and in some cases nationally through colleges and large hospitality industry corporations.