When writing an internship essay, whether it’s your internship application essay or the post-internship “my internship experience essay”, there are a few things you need to consider. These essays are part of the academic process, and you really do have to get everything right. Besides, you may know more about international student internships

Internship application essays

Your essay is used as part of the evaluation of your candidacy for the internship. You need to show a range of relevant skills with this essay, including good writing and communication skills. You’re expanding on the theme of your application, and the essay is a great opportunity.

Internship essay sampleEssay structure and content

Start with a basic thesis statement which relates to the internship role- “My training experience as a geologist has whetted my appetite for a more demanding role in the field,” for example, would apply directly to an internship with a geological survey.

You can expand on this basic statement, detailing your interest in the internship, whether it be internship cover letter format or any other one. Cover each aspect of the internship, its roles, and relevant areas of interest. Develop your essay as an explanatory narrative.

If you have an area of particular interest related to the internship, expand on your interest in this role.

(It’s amazing how many people can be genuinely enthusiastic about their work, and say nothing about how interested they are, or even explain why they’re interested. Say something!)

Internship essay quality

You also need to consider the needs of your audience. Please note:

  • Internship providers, by definition, are specifically looking for motivated people. They prefer to work with interested, engaged, people, not people just going through the academic motions.
  • Your essay should provide a virtual map of your areas of greatest interest in the internship. Remember you’re writing an essay which will be read by experts in your field, so it won’t be wasted effort.
  • Internship essays are part of a highly competitive application process. You need to write a good, interesting, essay, not a boring, pedantic, shopping list reciting the internship role. Again, remember you’re writing for professionals. They want to read something interesting.
  • Write in your own voice, as far as possible. You’ll be working with these people, so be yourself.  Be the person they’ll be working with, not a series of quotes and rewrites from online essays.

Post internship essays

Post internship essays should be clearly laid out. Be clear describing the value of the internship, the experience you’ve gained and what you’ve learned. Be thorough in your evaluation.

As a general structure:

  • Describe the working environment – This orients your reader, like any story should.
  • Focus on functional matters- You need to address academic and experience values.
  • Be positive about your experience – Highlight the best features of the internship.
  • Finish off your essay with an assessment of skills gained, and their value to your career training.

Editing your essays

Be critical of your essays. Manage the text carefully, focusing on typos, grammar, spelling etc., but also focus on content values. Have you included any non-information? Are some sentences over-complicated? Tidy up any messy bits, and you’ll write good, informative essays.