Sounds terrible, doesn’t it? “Doomed to success?” The fact is that a television internship or fashion design internship is an excellent, and often necessary, step in any media career for success. Internet media and television are rapidly merging, and in fact, many internet productions on YouTube and elsewhere are, basically, television productions.

The main problem for those looking for an internship in television is the very broad range of different fields which these internships cover. In this article, we’ll be focusing mainly on entry level internships and internships for recent grads, but please be aware that there are many different options available, particularly in specialist fields. Moreover, you may learn more about internship for engineering students on our site.

Searching for television internships

Perhaps the best known television internships are the famous Disney ABC television group internships. Disney ABC offers both summer internships for students, and internships for graduates on an ongoing basis.

It’s well worth checking out these internships as a benchmark for comparison with other internships. The Disney ABC internships offer a combination of top-quality training, combined with an excellent brand name for your resume. Other internships may or may not be quite as prestigious, but as you search your internship options, you will see a range of different but very high values from other internship providers.

For academic purposes, you need to be clear about the value of television internships in relation to your qualifications. While searching, check with your teachers regarding the suitability of specific internships. Your teachers will be able to give you useful advice, and point you in the right direction regarding skills values.

A word of advice at this point – Television internships, by nature, are highly diversified. You will find television internships related to television production, for example, and others related to different aspects of television work. It’s pretty easy to get confused, particularly with so many internships advertised online. Make sure that the internships you choose do actually meet your needs.

Applying for television internships

When selecting a television internship, it’s a good idea to contact the provider directly for information. Get as much information as you can regarding application requirements, required skills, etc., and to clarify issues where you’re not sure of requirements. This avoids the risk of disappointment, and avoids wasting time on unsuitable internships.

Make absolutely certain, when submitting your application, that you have met all the requirements of the internship provider. Television internships are very much in demand. Providers receive huge numbers of applications, and the screening process will instantly discard applications which do not meet core criteria.

Scholarships and television internships opportunities

Many media scholarships are available, and many of these scholarships also include internship opportunities, including television. If you’re looking for a career in media, these scholarships are particularly valuable.

Not only do they provide extra funding for your qualifications, but they also give you a great fast track in related studies. Local colleges and media companies may be able to provide you with information about available scholarships. You may also wish to search scholarships opportunities in your state or nationally-offered scholarships.