A web design internship or architecture internship is a crucial part of fundamental training. Web designers work in a constantly changing environment, with new technologies emerging all the time. Web design is very much a hands-on business, managing specific issues related to website design and technical matters.

To give some idea how important those web design internships really are:

  • Professional web designers say that internships are crucial for getting your foot in the door in career terms. Academic qualifications are really not quite enough – You need a good portfolio of web designs to get traction in this industry.
  • Employers look for skills and capabilities, particularly regarding technical skills, platforms, software skills, coding skills and other high-value capabilities. They need to see proof of these skills, both academically and in practical terms in the form of website designs.
  • Web design is an extremely competitive profession. Web designers compete with large corporations, expert international web designers, and work within a very demanding market. To be a successful web designer, you have to be a good web designer.

Finding the right web design internship

The problem for aspiring web design interns is finding the right internship among the huge number of internships available.

Some pointers:

  • You need to explore web design internships in detail to find out exactly what the internship is offering you.
  • Depending on your  type(s) of skills, you will find that searching web design is best done using your core skills as basic search terms.

For example –

  • If you know website interfaces, banner design, and Flash, your obvious choice of internship would be a basic website design internship.
  • If you know JavaScript, CSS, and HTML coding, you would be able to do a front-end coder internship.
  • Coding and other skills will allow you to do one or both of these types of internship.

Selecting the web design internship you want

While the market for web designers may seem to be very much a buyers’ market, the good news for aspiring web designers is that being fussy pays off. Good quality web design training is invaluable. It’s well worth your while to be selective regarding your choice of web design internships.

The best way to get a great web design internship is a mix of common sense and planning:

  • Check out the top-of-the-line, big name companies offering web design internships first.
  • Use these internships as your benchmark for quality of training and basis for comparison.
  • Ask colleagues, former interns, trainers, and industry professionals which are the best web design internships – These people can give you more information in five minutes than hours of searching online.
  • Create a short list of web design internships – You may need a Plan B or Plan C if you can’t get your first choice of internship.

Scholarships and web design internships

A very useful option – A web design scholarship may include a built-in internship. This will save you a lot of effort in getting the internship you need. Explore this avenue, whether you’re at entry level or qualified for more advanced scholarships. Besides, you may know more about internship finance on our site.