When choosing a chemistry internship or internship computer science, you have quite a few options. You also have a few necessities to consider, if you’re in the process of getting your degree. Add to this the fact that the whole field of chemistry is now expanding on an exponential basis, and you really do have to think your way through doing an internship in chemistry.

Choices of Chemistry Internship

Chemistry internship choices can be quite complex, even baffling, if you have more than one major area of interest.

You need to consider:

  • Academic requirements for each area of interest.
  • Specialization needs in terms of your career path, academic streams, electives, and preferences.
  • Postgraduate internship options.
  • What sort of internship you wish to do- Commercial or academic?
  • The different types of chemistry internships available, in relation to your priorities, career goals, and future academic plans.

Searching for Chemistry Internships

You’ll find that you have way too many results when you search chemistry internships online. This is “situation normal”, but the issues are fixable. The best ways round the internship ads search issues are:

  • Check out corporate and academic sites offering internships.
  • Search using specialist terms related to your requirements.
  • Don’t use generic search terms, at all.
  • Terms like “surface chemistry” and “bioorganic chemistry” improve your results when looking for specific internships.

Another issue which frequently arises is the need to do internships in specific disciplines. Chemistry is a movable feast of skills, and “degrees of difficulty” apply from undergraduate to postgraduate levels, particularly in commercial ventures and research.

Selecting Chemistry Internships

In this profession, being up to date is critical. You may need to do an internship in materials, analysis technologies, or whatever. The big issue is finding a good, high value, industry-and-academia-reputable internship.

One option, often used by undergrads, also applies to higher degree holders, when it comes to skills upgrades and career direction changes- the humble but very useful summer chemistry internship or internship business, which is a portable, accessible option for those looking to expand their skill sets and upgrade their resume credentials.

Best practice for selecting chemistry internships, for whatever needs, is to thoroughly research the internships:

  • Get advice from experts in the field, who know every aspect of the value of internships and other training options.
  • Talk direct to internship providers. You’ll get useful information and more than likely a good insight into the values of specific internships.
  • Check out the internship provider’s programs – You may be surprised how many providers are looking for competent people at the middle and higher qualification levels.
  • Talk to former interns; see if the claims of the provider stack up in terms of actual delivery. It’s a good way of weeding out any underperformers, and finding good internship choices.

Scholarships and Chemistry Internships

There’s quite a range of chemistry scholarships available in the US, many with built-in internships, notably in research. This is very similar to the postgrad scenario, and it delivers useful funding for your studies. These scholarships are particularly well worth factoring in to your calculations, especially in early career stages. See what’s possible, you’ll be surprised.